Lesson of the Week

Successful: I am accomplishing my purpose

Here is a rose. It grew into a rose and not a hot dog, a tree or a sidewalk. Success means being you and having a mission that fits – like a rose blooming into a rose.

Salespeople, parents, friends, teachers, employers, coworkers, and even strangers might try to convince you to be something that you are not. They might try to talk you into a mission that doesn’t fit with who you are.

For instance, a child was required to play sports and did not have a heart for competition or roughhousing. He thought himself a failure. He quit the team and found a mission to help out in his high school’s drama department. Success was discovering who he was and finding the mission that would enable him to use his best qualities. He was a thespian. He loved theater and was not only successful as a student actor, but later became a drama teacher and director and was able to inspire thousands.

A woman was stuck in a typing job that paid the bills, but bored her to tears. She had a knack for creating works of art and celebrating family. She began to appreciate and embrace her uniqueness and explored jobs that would utilize her special gifts. She found a mission that would allow her to be herself. She started selling, creating, and teaching for a company that produces artwork and scrapbooking. Her success was finding herself and a mission that fit.

w-Week29Fail-meter-pictureA motorist pulled up to a parking meter and tried to put in a dime. However, the meter read: FAIL. Here is a picture of that very parking meter.


The motorist simply pulled away from this space and moved to one that would accept her money properly. She found success by utilizing her best qualities and finding a meter that fit with her mission: to find a legal parking spot.

Throughout life, there will be constant meters measuring failure. But the call is to determine who you are and how to be successful accomplishing YOUR mission. Here are some examples of fail meters:

1. My friend is thin. (FAIL thought: I am fat.)
2. My friend is making six figures. (FAIL thought: I make minimum wage.)
3. My neighbor’s popovers pop. (FAIL thought: Mine flop.)
4. My parent’s marriage was happy. (FAIL thought: Mine ended in divorce.)
5. My friends had a vacation in Hawaii. (FAIL thought: I could only afford a stay-cation.)

Subtle FAIL thoughts can appear when you are looking at others and forgetting that your role is to accomplish your own mission. So what if you are overweight, making minimum wage, can’t cook, have an unhappy family, or any one of the other demoralizing failures you determine. FAIL experiences in that mission mean to continue – like the woman moving away from the failed meter to a parking space that works. You know your self, utilize your best qualities, and move to a mission that works. Your success is about being you on your mission. It is not about other people’s missions.

Now, back to the rose. The rose is most successful as a rose. Be like the rose. Bloom as you. This is the most precious, enduring, and successful mission you can have on earth. You are unique. There is no one else like you. Your mission is unique. There is no one else that has your mission. Relish this easy design and embrace your success – your self and your mission.



If you want to be successful, it's just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.

- Will Rogers, American Cowboy, Humorist, Performer


Activity:  How Successful Are You?

Materials:  Paper and pen or pencil

Time:  Ten minutes to write and ten minutes for each group member to discuss the results of writing.


1.  Time yourself for two minutes.  During this time write a list of every way you have been successful in your life.

2.  Time yourself for two minutes.  During this time write a list of every way you have been successful in the last twenty-four hours.

3.  Time yourself for two minutes.  Go through both lists and rank order each list separately – according to your most important successes in each of the two categories – successes over a lifetime and successes in the last twenty four hours.

4.  Time yourself for two more minutes and make a list of what made your successes possible.

5.  Discuss the answers with your group and answer the following questions:

a) What were your top ten life successes?

b) What were your top ten last twenty-four hour successes?

c) What were the top five things that made it possible for you to have these successes?

d) What have you learned from this activity that will help you on your mission?

e) What is an area of your mission that will benefit from doing this activity?


I am successful so I can …… We’d like to hear your story about accomplishing your purpose. Write your story below