Lesson of the Week

Physically fit: I take good care of my body

How is physical fitness like a praying mantis?

Physical fitness is like the praying mantis.  First you think it’s a pesky little bug.  Then you find out it eats pesky little bugs.  Praying mantes get rid of flies.  Physical fitness gets rid of pesky problems brought on by poor diet, lack of exercise, and unfit ergonomics. Here are five reasons to keep the physical fitness bug alive and well:

1.  BUG IN YOUR EAR (impart useful information in a subtle, discreet way):  Physical fitness means eating the best food for your body type, exercising to fulfill your best physical potential, and being in an ergonomically fit place.  You might be able to accomplish a mission without being fit, however, your best, most comfortable, strongest mission will be accomplished by being fit.

2.  BUG YOU (get attention):  The Mayo Clinic staff explains the seven benefits of physical fitness:  Combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood, boosts energy, enables better sleep, puts the spark back in your sex life, controls weight, and gives you time to do activities that make you happy.  If for no other reason than your mission will improve, give this bug your attention.

3.  BUG OUT (run away)!  If you must run away, run for thirty minutes a day, have a healthy meal, wear comfortable clothes, and work and play in place that doesn’t hurt your body.

4.  BUG OFF (avoid):  People avoid physical fitness because of health problems, expense, lack of energy, and time constraints.  Every one of these excuses can be overcome.

5.  BUGGED (electronically eavesdropped or informed):  Well now, considered yourself bugged. To do the optimum job on your mission, you must have a component of physical fitness.  First find at least thirty minutes a day to so something physically active.  Next choose healthy foods to eat.  Third, for twenty four hours a day, keep your environment ergonomically fit – wear comfortable shoes, have a work station that enables you to do your job without hurting your body, and sleep on a good bed.  Be kind to your body and it will in turn enable you to have the best mission possible.


Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

- John F. Kennedy, Past President of the United States of America


Activity  The Bug I Love:  Physical Fitness

Materials:  Paper and a pen or a pencil

Time:  Ten minutes to write and ten minutes to each person to discuss.


1.  List one thing you can do to improve your exercise schedule.  Explain why you have not made this change previously and why you can make it now.

2.  List one thing you can do to improve your eating habits.  Explain why you have not made this change previously and why you can make it now.

3.  List one thing you can do to make your environment more ergonomically sound.  Explain why you have not made this change previously and why you can make it now.

4.  Create a table with two columns and three rows.  In the first column and rows list the things you can do to improve your physical fitness mentioned above.  In the second column, write the letters for the weekdays in each row:  M T W Th F Sa Sun

5.  Draw a bug on the table.

6.  Hang this sheet in your kitchen or bathroom.  Each day make the changes listed above and circle the day of the week to indicate you have made the change for this day.

7.  Discuss the changes you intend to make, why you have not made them, and why you can make them now.


I am physically fit so I can .... We'd like to hear your story about being physical fit. Write your story below.