Andrea Adams Veterans Curation Program

Person of the Week

Andrea Adams

Archeologist, Anthropologist, Archivist, Project Manager Veterans Curation Program

Mindsets about archeology have changed a lot.  It used to be like a treasure hunt. For me the treasure is doing my part to educate people about their history.  It’s cool!  Read More

Oprah stage

Lesson of the Week: Week 16

A Good Confidante: I know when to be quiet

The Oprah life class tour was about to be broadcast from the Peabody stage in St. Louis, Missouri.  Although the fans were waiting and straining to know what was going on, on stage, Oprah’s producers weren’t wearing microphones and weren’t letting out any secrets.  When should moments on your mission be kept quiet? Read More


Andrea Adams' Charity of the Week:

Six String Heroes

This week Umission honors Andrea Adams, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice Six String Heroes.  The mission of Six String Heroes is to provide guitar lessons and guitars for United States veterans who are suffering from mental or physical injuries as a result of military service.  Hats off to the Six String Heroes for using the power of music to restore the soul.