Person of the Week

Howard Sheets

Book Machine Technician

I’m always surprised at how excited people get when they get their new book machine. They actually get to make a book. The whole machine has clear panels on it so you can actually see everything happen. Read More

Stop sign

Lesson of the Week: Week 13

Legally Fit: I obey the law

The sign was broken and the drivers stopped.  They knew upside down, backwards, or fallen, this stop was important to reaching their destination.  Likewise, law is essential to the success of your mission. Read More


Howard Sheets' Charity of the Week:

iCan Shine (iCan Bike)

This week Umission honors Howard Sheets, and is making a donation to the charity of his choice iCan Shine. The mission of iCan Shine is to provide quality learning opportunities in recreational activities for individuals with disabilities. Hats off to iCan Shine for maximizing individual abilities, helping people learn to ride bikes and giving both volunteers and participants the opportunity to shine.