Person of the Week

Idalia McNulty

Teacher of Culture: Dancing, cooking, folklore, ecology

I’ve always been proud of being who I am. It means that I am sharing. It means that I am educating and opening eyes. Whoever sees me or hears me, I am giving them a culture. It makes me so proud of my heritage. I am “contagious” because my friends want to do things to show our folklore. This gives me so much pleasure to be able to show a different side to life. Read More


Idalia McNulty's Charity of the Week:

Casa de Salud — A Compassionate Path to Healthcare

This week Umission honors Idalia McNulty, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice Casa de Salud, a compassionate path to healthcare.  The mission of Casa de Salud is to facilitate and deliver basic high quality clinical and mental health services for uninsured and underinsured patients.  Casa de Salud focuses on new immigrants and refugees who encounter barriers to accessing other sources of care.  Hats off to Casa de Salud for providing a volunteer professional staff who believe their patients are the first priority.