Person of the Week

Barbara Lomker

Good Samaritan Caregiver

I wanted life after college and wanted to find a career. I had a sales background and thought banking would be fun. But then I started thinking, “No this is not what I want to do.” It is like lighting a fire in the darkness. I realized, “I can make a difference. I can be a caregiver.” Read More

Dad bowling VA

Lesson of the Week: Week 14

In control: I can manage what comes my way

This is a picture of Mac.  Mac bowled from a wheelchair at the Veteran’s Hospital.  Some might argue that Mac had lost control.  Others celebrated how he had control and was managing in his later years.  Read More

Borneo fishman

Barbara Lomker's Charity of the Week:

The Borneo Project

This week Umission honors Barbara Lomker, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice the Borneo Project. The mission of the Borneo Project is to support community led efforts to defend forest, sustainable livelihoods, and human rights. Hats off to the Borneo Project for securing legal land rights and supporting cultural conservation efforts for indigenous and forest-dependent communities.