Person of the Week

Charlotte Manges

World War I History Teacher and Librarian

When I was asked to lead this class, it sounded like fun because the people at the Lifelong Learning Institute are so interesting. People not only learn, but they add their own expertise to the class. Find a place where there are interested students. Good students make teaching exciting and fun and an adventure. Read More


Charlotte Manges' Charity of the Week:

Lifelong Learning Institute

This week Umission honors Charlotte Manges, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice the Lifelong Learning Institute.  The mission of the Lifelong Learning Institute is to offer a wide variety of courses that emphasize peer learning and active class participation by senior adults.  Hats off to the Lifelong Learning Institute for providing courses in architecture, contemporary issues, creative writing, economics, film studies, history, literature, math/science/technology, music, philosophy and much more.