Person of the Week

Joy Nack


Some think performing is just for ego and that performers just want someone to look at them. That is NOT what performing is for me. What I’m really saying to my audience is, “I love you. I have something of value in this story to share and I want to share it with you.” Read More

Child on horse 52

Lesson of the Week: Week 52

Celebrating others: I honor others

She stepped in the stirrup and the celebration started.  The cowgirls “greased” the wheel of progress by whispering words of honor, “Great job.  Keep it up.  You’re doing great!” Like grease in the wheel ball bearing casing, celebration liberates your mission to move forward and diminishes friction. Read More


Joy Nack's Charity of the Week:

Fresh Starts Community Garden

This week Umission honors Joy Nack, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice Fresh Starts Community Garden. The mission of Fresh Starts Community Garden is to offer anyone who comes into the garden the opportunity to learn about gardening, start eating healthy, help their pocketbook and a lot more. Hats off to the Rosie Willis for planting a garden at the corner of Dayton and Glasgow in North St. Louis, Missouri and managing it to help others have a healthier life.