Person of the Week

Beth Brockling

Founder and Director Sweet Celebrations -- Birthdays for Homeless

The answer to being able to do all this is having a full heart to provide something for the community and at the same time believe in it. If you do this, you are going to succeed. There are people who will tell you this is not true, but I’m here to tell you it is true. Read More

broken heart flag in creve coeur - Version 2

Lesson of the Week: Week 5

Grieving well: I can hold loss

Legend had it that a grief stricken maiden jumped into the Creve Coeur Lake and drowned herself, on purpose.  Her legacy became a broken heart pictured on the Creve Coeur, Missouri city flag. There is an alternative to being broken by adversity:  grieving well, holding loss, and amidst it all doing something salutary for yourself and others.  Read More


Beth Brockling's Charity of the Week:

Sweet Celebrations

This week Umission honors Beth Brockling, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice Sweet Celebrations. The mission of Sweet Celebrations is to provide birthday parties for homeless children. Hats off to the Sweet Celebrations for not only providing cakes, ice cream, gifts, games and goody bags, but also providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for children supporting their peers in the community.