Person of the Week

Addie Schoenberger

KOA SummerShiner

When you are in high school or college and during the summer, think of something you could be doing. It might be nice to sit at home but think about coming out to a SummerShine location. It really makes a huge difference. What I love about it is that our goal is truly to help people have the best vacation possible. Read More

Fireman pants

Lesson of the Week: Week 28

Stress Proof: I think clearly under pressure

Firemen have a protection protocol.  Pictured is one step:  pants and boots ready to go.  What is your protection protocol for stress?  Take a tip from one man who saved 1,268 refugees from being murdered. Read More


Jason Cook's Charity of the Week:

Friends of the Smokies

This week Umission honors Jason Cook, and is making a donation to the charity of his choice Friends of the Smokies. The mission of Friends of the Smokies is to assist the National Park Service in its mission to preserve and protect Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Hats off to Friends of the Smokies for raising funds and public awareness and providing volunteers for needed projects.