Person of the Week

Jean Maginnis

Leader, Advocate, Marketing Strategist, Founder and Executive Director Maine Center for Creativity

I have found work that I want to do every day and that I want to contribute to the community. I have discovered what it means to extend my personal self into the community and find the community to be supportive. Read More

Bobbie and Tootie

Lesson of the Week: Week 35

Affectionate: I express tenderness

Focus your heart.  There are times when you need brute force.  But there are times when your most effective power will be affection and tenderness — the solution to your unresolved problem. Read More


Jean Maginnis' Charity of the Week:

Maine Center for Creativity

This week Umission honors Jean Maginnis, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice the Maine Center for Creativity.  The mission of the Maine Center for Creativity is to create projects and programs that promote the arts and stimulate the growth of Maine’s creative industries and professions.  Hats off to the Maine Center for Creativity for creating high-visibility projects that capture the imagination and stimulate innovative enterprise.