Person of the Week

Lakshmi Reddy

A person who has a purpose in life to realize my own potential, the Divine within, and Co-Founder, Secretary and Board Member of New Creation International

We are all assigned a job and your job can be done only by you. Difficulties are opportunities to grow. I know sometimes it is hard. You might feel low. But if you think this has come to learn something new, you will be able to get back on your purpose. Read More


Lakshmi Reddy's Charity of the Week:

New Creation International

This week Umission honors Lakshmi Reddy, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice New Creation International. The mission of New Creation International is to assist children of developing nations in becoming conscious, creative, Global Citizens through the promotion and practices of Integral Education. Hats off to the New Creation International for providing a dynamic group-learning environment that encourages self-discovery, innovation, and respect for individual differences and cultures.