Person of the Week

Jennifer Hodgson

Producing Director, Actress, Musician, Co-Founder Everyman Repertory Theatre

That’s what theater was for me – finding my home.  I found my niche. Theater gives me a venue for expression. There is a real feeling of energy and sharing. Read More


Lesson of the Week: Week 30

Beautiful: I cherish my body

Do you believe that true beauty is defined by being geometrically perfect – including facial symmetry and leg to torso length ratio?  There are people called the “iPhone” generation who get plastic surgery to achieve symmetry and look “beautiful” online. Read More


Jennifer Hodgson's Charity of the Week:

Everyman Repertory Theatre

This week Umission honors Jennifer Hodgson, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice Everyman Repertory Theatre.  The mission of Everyman Repertory Theatre is to present high quality, creative, and engaging theatre for people from all age groups living in Midcoast Maine.  Hats off to the Theatre for providing an annual season of professionally mounted plays, contributing to the Creative Economy in Maine, employing Maine-based theatre professionals who would otherwise have to seek work elsewhere, and giving high school and college students valuable work experience in their home state.