Person of the Week

Tonya Hornberger

Assistant Branch Manager Bank

Being an assistant branch manager allows me to do what I love – work with people and help solve situations. As a leader, I am also able to help others do a good job. I’m always in the mode of wanting to coach, motivate, and develop their abilities. At the same time, this helps me get better at what I do. Read More


Lesson of the Week: Week 34

Worthwhile: I am a person of importance and value

You are a person who is worthwhile.  You are important and valuable.  So, what might keep you from feeling worthwhile, important, and valuable?  The word worthwhile is quite often used to denote two concepts:  cost and benefit.  In accounting cost is the outlay and benefit the income of being an entity.  When the balance is in the “red” or losses exceed gains, the business could go “under” or be forced into bankruptcy.  Likewise when people believe their life is costing more than benefitting, setbacks are greater than achievements, or penalties offset rewards, they may no longer feel worthwhile and think they are mentally bankrupt.
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Tonya Hornberger's Charity of the Week:

The Fred Hollows Foundation

This week Umission honors Tonya Hornberger, and is making a donation to the charity of her choice The Fred Hollows Foundation.   For $25 The Fred Hollows Foundation can restore sight to one person.  Hats off to the Fred Hollows Foundation for working in over 40 countries around the world with indigenous communities in remote areas to end avoidable blindness and improve indigenous health.