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Person of the Week

Julie and Keely Pettijohn

Confectioner and Founder Toffee On The Run

A young seven and a half year old started making and selling toffee to support her father’s mission trip. Today Julie and her mother Keely share their family’s story of becoming confectioners to pay it forward to help others. Read More


Lesson of the Week: Week 38

Prioritizing: I put first things first

What does a box of Cheerios, toilet paper, and a tube of toothpaste have in common?  Children want these items more than toys.  What a lesson in prioritizing and it comes out of the mouth of babes. Read More


Julie and Keely Pettijohn's Charity of the Week:

Just Call Me Ray

This week Umission honors Julie and Keely Pettijohn, and is making a donation to their charity of their choice Just Call Me Ray.  The mission of Just Call Me Ray is to spread awareness about the dangers of breast implants and provide support and hope for the lives and families who have been affected.  Hats off to Raylene Hollrah for offering encouragement and a way to help people impacted by cancer.