Umission supports your desire to activate and become successful in your mission.  Here are a few Umission projects activating individuals to be successful in their missions.

Lesson of the Week

52 lessons and activities are featured online at — one for each week in the year.  Lessons answer the question:  What qualities enable you to be successful?  Start a group and study the lessons/activities each week or choose a lesson/activity to get your group thinking about success.

Quantitative Evaluation Support for Nonprofits

Umission offers help for nonprofits who want to concisely and correctly define and measure programs and outcomes, design an outcome study, implement this study, determine the results, and use this data for the evaluation section of grant applications and to determine efficacy and best practices.

The Prisoner Professor Partnership

The purpose of this investigation is three fold:

1.  Collaborative Education:  Students write a prisoner to assess criminal behaviors — root causes, aftereffects, and prevention strategies.  The purpose is to learn better assessment and intervention strategies that will prevent criminal behaviors in the future.
2.  Prisoner Contribution:  The prisoner makes a positive contribution to education.  S/he explains the root causes of a criminal behavior and what might have prevented the crime.
3.  Student Positive Change:  Students learn communication assessment skills and more effective intervention strategies that may prevent criminal behaviors.  These strategies can be implemented and make a positive change in the social welfare system.